2022 Summer Standings 
2022 Summer Rosters  
Note - rosters as not official and there may be a difference between these and the app for a number of reasons including singles boards, regional scores, timing of printing etc,  Scoresheets are always the official skill level
2022 Summer MVP Standings 
not all divisions are past week 6 so only those players with 6 matches will show on this report
MVP Standings report will only include those players who have played 6 or more matches in the session so can change frequently as more players become eligible
At the end of the session the top 48 in each format will compete in the MVP Tournament  
Tiebreakers those tied for 48th place will be determined by 1) matches won 2) Matches played 3) Points in the players last match of the session  4) Points earned in the players 2nd last match of the session etc...