1,000 Lifetime Matches Played
The Guelph CPA is pleased to honor those members that have achieved the significant accomplishment of playing a minimum of 1,000 matches in the CPA Pool League prior to the Regional event in any given year. 
Those players who achieve this milestone and play their 1,000th or subsequent milestone match in the Guelph CPA will receive a commemorative plaque.
Those players who play a significant number of those 1,000 or subsequent milestone matches as part of the Guelph CPA will also receive a commemorative jacket in addition to the plaque.
3,000 Lifetime Matches Played
Sylvia Hadaway - 2022 Recipient 
2,000 Lifetime Matches Played Members
Sylvia Hadaway 
Keith Widmeyer
Brian Hodge 
Mary Ann Hodge 
Anne Beattie - 2021 Recipient 
1,000 Lifetime Matches Played Members
Keith Widmeyer
Brian Hodge
Sylvia Hadaway
Mary Ann Hodge
Bruce Terpstra
Rob Young
Anne Beattie 
Janet Widmeyer 
Dave Moyer  
Ken Keleher 
Gerry Trimble
Jodie Jennett
Mike Hadaway
Ron Mcphee
Chris Gillap 
Enzo Miotto  
Drew Hodge 
Jeremy Macdonald 
Allin Brown
Derek Hodge
Sarah Shapka
Matt Friel 
Colleen Gallaugher
Tanya Legate
Mike Hadaway 2nd 
Bob Little
Johanna Weissenborn 
Mitch Page
Fraci Page 
Gord Parkinson
Jim Crane
Dave Gallaugher
 Don Mackie
Grant McLean
Jenn Canning 
Jon Martin
Keith Miller
Mike Amaral
Michele Boegli
Ralph Boegli
Frank Pozeg
Tye Zinger
Bill Smith
Elspeth Milne
Sheryl Hodgson
Linda Gross
Jasmine Martin
Bud Pucan 
Patricia Menary 
Lesley Pappas 
Norm Parkinson 
Kinnon O'Brien 
Jason Williams 
Linda Peluso 
Dave Shapka
Zibi Heska 
Catharine Maxwell 
Andrew Chiasson 
Jamie Tomblin 
Thomas Maxwell 
Ernie McPhie 
Deborah Yates 
Andrew Shellington 
Donna Schink 
Linda Hanna 
Mike Maclellan 
Bill Robinson 
Kevin Millard 
Matt Freil 
Bob Fischer 
Sherry Elliot
Jim McBride
Cornelius Helmond 
Susy Reath 
John Burns 
Dale Reath 
Chris Guay 
Deb Wilson - 2022 Recipient
Tina Maughan - 2022 Recipient
Mike Orpen - 2022 Recipient