On-Line Payment Options
Guelph CPA On-Line Credit Card and Debit Card Payments are handled by PayPal. It is a service used by millions of businesses and consumers worldwide. PayPal takes all major Credit Cards and Visa Debit Cards as well.  
Each payment made is subject to a Transaction fee $1.00 except for memberships which will be $.75. This fee will be included  in the price that you will see on the transaction. 
PayPal is simple to use.  Simply click on the link below, select "Don't Have A PayPal Account", then enter your Credit Card or debit card information.  It is that simple.   
For those who wish to pay by e-mail money transfer,  send money to guelphcpa@rogers.com
For those who wish to pay by text message money transfer,  send money to  226-218-4555
For those who wish to pay by direct bank transfer simply contact me and I will give you the Guelph CPA account information so you can get set up
For anyone who would like to pay by another means of payment simply contact me and we can discuss the type of payment structure you would like to begin
Payment for Border Battle Qualifer